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About UO Insight Seminars

Mission and History

The UO Insight Seminars were established in 2003 to provide an opportunity for the general public to reengage with the liberal arts and experience the intellectual fulfillment that is the hallmark of a university education. UO Insight Seminars became a program of the UO Libraries in 2010 and in 2016 moved to Continuing and Professional Education.

Mission Statement

In middle life the questions addressed by the humanities take on a new reality. Our society offers little guidance for this stage of life, though other cultures consider it a time for thinking and writing, wisdom and understanding, and coming to grips with ultimate questions. This is when we should make time for philosophy, literature, history, religion, art and music. Anyone can dabble in these without a university but there is no comparison between the random reading most people do and the sort of experience a university can provide: the joys of real study and deep learning, with a group of motivated peers, facilitated by experts you can respect.